December 26, 2018

Forklift License Guide

Forklift License Guide

A forklift license can help you get a high paying career in little to no time at all.  The barriers to entry of becoming a forklift operator are very low.  This means that many people are able to become forklift operators.  In order to find the most accurate and up to date on obtaining a forklift license click on the state that you plan on working in below.  This will give you all the information required for you to become a successful forklift operator in that State.

Forklift License By State

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Forklift Operators

Obtaining a forklift license is the first step to beginning a good career with few barriers to entry.  The average pay for forklift operators currently in America is $16 per hour at entry level.  Not only this but there are many wonderful career paths for forklift operators to work their way into.  These positions can make upwards of $75,000 a year which is higher than most households make annually.  Another great perk of becoming a forklift operator is that most companies offer great benefits such as healthcare and 401K matching for full-time forklift operators.  It is also worth noting that in several studies forklift operators were shown to be some of the happiest employees in the workforce.

Why Become A Forklift Operator

What do Forklift Operators Do?

Forklift operators are tasked with multiple responsibilities from Maintaining the trucks, operating the trucks, categorizing data and recording data.  Not only this but they have to make sure that their work is done safely and efficiently. 

Truck Maintenance

Forklift operators are tasked with making sure their equipment is in fair working condition before and after their shifts.  Forklift operators may also be responsible for ensuring the batteries of their truck are charged and ready for the next shift.

Forklift Operation

Another important component is making sure the trucks are operated safely and efficiently.  This includes everything from the safety of people to the safety of the cargo.  Some important components of forklift operation are operating the lift, reversing, driving, and moving cargo.

Categorizing Data

Inputting cargo locations and information into a database is what forklift operators spend about 10% – 30% of their time doing.  This is very important as they use this to know where to get their loads from and move their loads too. 

Recording Loads

Recording Information such as what the loads contain, load weights, and loads condition are another important part of forklift operations.  Forklift drivers are responsible for recording data on each load they are tasked with.

How to become Forklift Certified

A forklift license is fast and easy to obtain.  Qualifications may be different depending on what State you plan on working in so choose your State below to get the most accurate information.  Overall OSHA has listed seven different forklift classifications that are used to determine what class forklift license you need.

Forklift Classifications

Forklift Training

Forklift training is very important to obtaining a forklift license and working towards getting promoted.  Our website has guides that will explain how to operate forklift trucks and provide you with all the information needed to safely and effectively operate these trucks. 

Forklift Jobs

In order to obtain a good job as a forklift operator, there are two very important parts to the hiring process that must be done correctly.  These are having a well-written resume and being able to do a good job in the interview process.

Forklift Operator Resume

Your resume should be very simple and contain the main information that an employer would need to make the decision to give you an interview.  This information includes Contact Information, Highest Education, Work Experience, and Skills that you have.  The average time an employer takes to look over a resume is only a few seconds and this is the information that they will be looking at. 

Forklift Operator Job Interview

The job interview is the most important part of the hiring process as it decides whether or not you get the job.  There are a few items that should be considered when you are going through a job interview.   This includes Appearance, Approach, and Delivery. 


You need to make sure you have dressed appropriately for the job interview which usually tends to be business casual unless otherwise specified. 


The approach portion is about how you come off when the interviewer sees you.  A strong approach would be showing up 5 – 10 minutes early and coming off as a strong candidate.  In order to come off as a strong candidate, you need to introduce yourself and be able to come off as though you belong and can easily fit in with the company.  The main purpose for an interview is so that an interviewer can check to see if you would: 1) be a good fit for the company, 2) Be able to do your job effectively and efficiently.

Best Companies for Forklift Operators

While there are a lot of companies that offer great pay and benefits to forklift operators there are a few that stand out for how great they treat their forklift operators.  This list includes companies that give forklift operators generous salaries, benefits, and where forklift operators overall have a positive experience.

Top Companies for Forklift Operators


Forklift operators are a very in demand job and a great career choice with many promotional opportunities available.  With our guide you will have no problem knowing all that you need in order to obtain a good job as a forklift operator.