August 29, 2017

Forklift License

Forklift Certification: Get Certified Today!

Forklift Certification is required in order to operate a forklift truck.  Did you know that the average forklift operator earns $16 per hour in America? Whether you’re a student or just looking for a quick way to make a lot of money this is a great opportunity for you. There is a shortage of forklift operators throughout America causing this great phenomenon. In one day you can obtain a forklift license and be looking for a high paying career as a forklift operator. There are many great reasons to become a forklift operator. Forklift operators are typically very happy workers and don’t have to do back-breaking work. This makes the decision of obtaining a forklift license a no-brainer.  If you are still unsure whether you want to become a forklift operator check out the top ten reason you should become a forklift operator.

Forklift Certification in America

Forklift operators are a high demand job in America. There is always a need for them and often available slots for new hires. There are tons of products that need to be transported from one location to another. Because of this forklift operators can receive many hours and good pay. The very first step in becoming a forklift operator is becoming certified. This is a very simple certification and includes two parts.

Part 1: Certification
Part 2: On the job training

The licensing portion requires a little bit of training and the completion of a licensing quiz. What makes this quiz so enticing is that if you take it online you are allowed to use websites like this to find the correct answers. Following completion of the forklift certification quiz, you will have to print out your certificate and bring it to your employer (You do not need to have a job prior to getting certified). They will then start the next step of the process with you. This portion of the certification is the on the job training portion. This can range from a day to a week depending on how experienced you are with the equipment. During on the job training, you will learn how to operate forklift trucks safely and efficiently. The greatest part about the on the job training portion is that you get paid to learn to operate these trucks!


  • Minimum of 18 years of age
  • ability to work in an Indoor and outdoor work environment
  • ability to work in low or high temperatures

What Type of Certification do I Need?

In America, there are many types of forklift jobs. These jobs include work environments such as shipyards, warehouses, factories, and stores. These jobs may require operating different types of forklift trucks. Depending on the type of forklift work you will be doing you may need different certification classifications. The outline below shows the type of classifications you may need based on your job.

Forklift License United States Requirements

Cost of Licensing

In America, it is reasonably cheap to obtain a forklift license. If you are looking for the fastest and most efficient way to obtain your license you should obtain your license online. Obtaining a forklift license online will cost about $50 per license classification. So if you are looking to become a warehouse forklift operator it will cost roughly $150 to obtain your completed license online and take about 3 hours. If you want to obtain your license with in-person classes it can cost anywhere from $250-$750 and take 1-3 days.

Learn to Operate a Forklift

You do not need to know how to operate a forklift prior to obtaining your license. A lot of companies will teach you how to operate a forklift once you are hired. The greatest part about this is that companies will actually pay you to get trained.  The only requirement to do this is to have passed the licensing test. The reason for this is that Osha will fine employers thousands of dollars if they are operating equipment without a forklift license. If you are looking to learn to operate forklifts on your own you can find a forklift driver training school near you.

Where Can I get Certified?

Most people highly recommend obtaining your license online. It’s cheap, fast, and usually more in-depth than licensing classes. One downside to this is that it can sometimes be difficult to get questions answered. Fortunately, there are many resources online that can help you. Another big part of getting certified online is finding a good website for certification. There are a number of websites that will certify you and assist you in becoming a forklift operator. A lot of these websites are difficult to use and often offer poor customer service. The websites below have proven themselves as websites that provide detailed information, ease of use, and good customer service. Another advantage of becoming certified online is that online courses have a 100% pass rate and the ability to complete the course at your own speed. If you do not pass the licensing exam on your first try you are allowed to retake it as many times as needed for most licensing courses.

Best Online Licensing Courses – $59.95 – $38

In-Person Training

In person training is a good way to get a strong understanding of forklift operations. In these classes, you will learn first-hand about forklift operation. You may also obtain useful tips about working with experienced forklift operators. These instructors usually have years of experience and can answer any question that you may have for them.

Find your local forklift training facility

Train the Trainer Program

Requirements: Prior forklift Experience and a forklift license
Who can be an Instructor:  Company Owner, supervisor, manager, or designated safety officer.

Most forklift licensing facilities and online programs have a train the trainer program. This OSHA regulated course is a program provided so that workplaces can offer on-site forklift training legally. This is necessary if your workplace wants to hire forklift operators. It is required that every forklift operator hired receive on the job training at that location. These guidelines are set by OSHA and not following these rules can lead to a fine of $7,000 per untrained operator. It is much easier to ensure that your operators are trained and avoid crippling fines. The price of Train the Trainer programs ranges from $150 – $300. One of the best places to get your forklift instructor license is Websites like this also offer free lifetime recertification on a trainer license. Another great benefit is that train the trainer programs online take less than 3 hours to complete start to finish.

Relicensing in America

Typically you will only have to worry about relicensing once every three years. In certain situations, it is possible that your forklift license is revoked for breaking rules or being involved in an accident. Another situation where you may need to be relicensed is if you want to begin operating a different type of forklift.

  1. Expired License – On the job training
  2. Employer Change – On the job training
  3. Different Machinery – New certification
  4. Work Accident – Recertification or training

Licensing Test Topics

The forklift operation test is usually very straightforward and easy. The forklift exam in America covers the topics shown below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Driver License – You do not need a drivers license in order to obtain a forklift license.

Retaking – The forklift license in New York exam can be retaken as many times as needed if you fail.  If you have lost your license you may need to recertify before operating a forklift. Most websites offer the ability to retake the exam while in-person classes may not.

DUI/Felony – Receiving a DUI or Felony does not destroy your chances of becoming a forklift operator. It will, on the other hand, increase the difficulty of finding a forklift job. If you end up changing workplaces you may need to recertify in order to begin operating forklift trucks again.

Time to Get Licensed

Licensing1 – 3 hours per license. Depends on whether you obtain your license online or in a physical classroom.

Relicensing30 minutes – 2 hours. This depends on what portion of the relicensing you must do.  Sometimes you are allowed to get by with just retaking the exam and other times you have to redo on the job training.

On the job training1 day – 1 week. Depending on your skill level operating forklifts it may take as little as 1 day or as long as 1 week.


OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Organization
OSHA is responsible for creating the guidelines for forklift operators. Their job is to create a safe working environment around the world in order to improve employee well-being. They create the rules on what information forklift operators and trainers are required to know.

If you have a question that you are unable to find an answer to you may want to contact OSHA. For the most accurate information, you should contact your local OSHA office. This can be found at the link below. Contact an OSHA office near you.


Forklift Drivers in America typically earn between $13 and $25 per hour. The average pay for forklift operators is $16.48 per hour. These numbers are constantly changing and are based on the precise location that you live. For the current pay rate for forklift operators in your area check out the pay scale calculator.

Accurate, real-time salaries for thousands of careers.

Forklift Operator Jobs

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Now that you know what to do get your forklift certification

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